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Technical Specifications - COOLMAPS® WORLD VIEWS

COOLMAPS® is a unique collection of Instant Designer World Views using a wide variety of dramatic and special effects. To emphasize the images, each World View has been given a different designer theme, texture, perspective or style. The views of the world give stunning and significantly more dramatic maps and can be quickly loaded into desktop design, publishing, presentation, draw, paint, or image editing programs for the highest quality presentation.


Where previously the cost of a photo stock was expensive or not appropriate for your project, you can now customize and liven up your presentation or artwork with ready to use COOLMAPS® images. The competitive pricing allows use in advertising, promotional material, corporate presentations, multimedia and many other DTP applications.


COOLMAPS® is published on a hybrid CD-ROM disc for PC/Unix (ISO 9660) or Macintosh (HFS format) computers. Volume 1.1 Vector images can be opened by any software package that can imports EPS format files from CD-ROM; Volume 1.2 Bitmap images can be opened by applications that can import TIFF JPEG format files from CD-ROM. The album pack includes CD-ROM, illustrated user guide on disc, warranty and registration card, and license agreement.


Volume 1.1 World Views Vector collection of 250 EPS images can be cataloged by design style as follows: Bulge 10; Curve 29; Flat 5; Globe 24; Perspective 54; Sketch 7; Swirl 17; Undulate 28; Vortex 15; Warp 34; Wave 27;

Volume 1.2 World Views Bitmap collection of 250 TIFF JPEG images are cataloged by design style as follows: Monochrome 8; Blends 12; Flags 8; Outlines 15; Ovoids 11; Perspective 20; Stars 12; America 22; CD discs 8; Fabrics 6; Metals 19; Paper 18; Woods 8; Painted 24; and Texture 59;


The CD-ROM data occupies the full capacity of 650 Mbytes divided for both platforms. Volume 1.1 Vector high resolution images are supplied in EPS Illustrator 6.0 format, and range from 0.5 to 2.5 Mbytes file size with a number of layers that allow customization using Adobe Illustrator. Volume 1.2 Bitmap RGB images are sized at 2953 x 2002 pixels giving a 16.9 Mbytes TIFF images compressed using JPEG to a disc file size of 0.5 to 3 Mbytes and decompress transparently into most applications. Image file sizes are designed with sufficient quality to support imagesetter page size output.


The CD-ROM features a self contained Image Browser for previewing thumbnails of the entire collection, with the additional option to drag and drop from the browser to compatible application software. Each thumbnail view is referenced and includes name, file size and location. Previewing the entire CoolMaps catalog is provided by downloading the catalog and browser software or viewing the Web catalog. A complete reference library including browser catalogs of related Digital Wisdom products are also provided on the CD-ROM.


Reproduction rights granted with your purchase of COOLMAPS® allow internal use and, with free registration, almost unlimited commercial use. The only restrictions we impose are that the COOLMAPS® collection should not form part of another clip art collection. To review a full copy of the CoolMaps license, check the CoolMaps License Agreement page.

Volume 1.1 World Views - Vector COOLMAPS® - EPS file format - SKU: 606762-000205
Volume 1.2 World Views - Bitmap COOLMAPS® - JPEG file format - SKU: 606762-000212
Volume 1 World Views Combo - Vector & Bitmap COOLMAPS® 2 CD set - SKU: 606762-000229


New to the COOLMAPS® collection, COOLMAPS® V. 2.2 USA Views offers a striking set of dramatic art special effects maps with the United States as a background. The collection boasts a whopping 260 maps, including 169 maskable varieties.

Volume 2.2 USA Views - Bitmap COOLMAPS® 2 CD set - JPEG file format - SKU: 606762-000298

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