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Online User Guide - Mountain High Maps
For additional information, please see the Mountain High Maps Frequently Asked Questions.

Using Maps with Adobe Photoshop
Sizing Images
Using Photoshop Paths
Using Masks
Creating Duotone Maps
Colorizing Maps
Using Maps with CorelDraw
Layers Defined
Changing Fonts
Corel V. 3.0 - 6.0 Users
Colorizing Using Photo-Paint
Using Maps at Small Sizes
Output Maps from CorelDraw
Using Maps with Adobe Illustrator
Output Maps from Illustrator
Using Maps with FreeHand
Changing Fonts
Graphic Style Sheets
Colorizing Relief TIFFs
Output Maps from FreeHand
Using Maps with QuarkXPress
Getting Started
Colorizing in QuarkXPress
Using Masks with QuarkXPress

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